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Objective:  Each student will acquire the technical and music reading skills  that will allow them to learn and play classical guitar music that they love!


Instructions Book: The Aaron Shearer Method

                                  Andres Segovia: Diatonic Scales



Sample Lesson:

Lesson Five with a beginner Classical Guitar student:


The teacher will reenforce:


Physical positioning:


1) elevating left leg by means of

using a footstool  


2) learning names of the right and left hand fingers.(P,I,M,A,1,2,3,4)


3) applying the correct positioning for the right and left hands.


4)right hand rest stroke and free stroke: positioning, attack techniques, movement of right hand.


5)Maintaining nails: obtaining diamond file and grade 500-2000 sandpaper, review of filing technique


6)left hand finger placement, positioning of the thumb,position of hand in moving the hand to a new position


7)right hand thumb technique: free stroke, attack technique



Music Literacy: (utilizing the Kodaly Method)


 the student will:

 visualize and recite the following key musical terms:


  • the treble or G clef    

  • b) the staff : EGBDF; FACE    

  • Basic rhythms quarternotes. half- notes, dotted half’s, eighth notes and whole notes (in addition, the respective rests)

  • time signature

  • measures or bars

  • staff notes and their correlations on the guitar


Tuning the guitar


The student will become aware of the following resources:

  • adjacent string resources

  • free available apps

  • becoming acquainted with correct utilization of the tuning pegs.

  • piano 


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